As a candidate for this position, you should know that I bring with me decades of water and wastewater experience. I have worked in the water/wastewater industry since arriving in Seattle in 1994 as a licensed Treatment Plant Operator with the Department of Ecology. My skills and expertise have earned me jobs with Fortune 500 companies such as KBR and Fluor Daniels in both Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade as a military contractor through the US Department of Defense as their Senior Lab Supervisor.


I have worked in managerial positions with these companies handling some of the military's most important matters regarding quality control, water usage/storage/transportation, and Reverse Osmosis Water Purification. In these rugged environments, water production and the proper treatment and disposal of wastewater is crucial to the survival of our military bases. I am proud to have been a part of that for ten years of my life and I would be equally proud to serve as your Commissioner at Coal Creek Utility District.

Having retired from military contracting, I now work with my wife, Yonghong Wang, operating Seven Stars Pepper Restaurant in Seattle's International District, employing many hard working people.  We have successfully owned and operated this business for many years whie residing in the Olympus neighborhood of Newcastle, WA. 


If elected, as your Commissioner I give you my absolute word that Coal Creek Utility District will be a dynamic and diverse public entity offering equal opportunity employment opportunities for all qualified applicants while doing all that I can to keep our utility rates as low as possible.

                                                                                                                   Current member of Water Environment Federation

                                                                                                                   Class 2 Wastewater Certification with the DOE