Often in public service, especially those that are elected, many are there simply for personal gain. Offically, the position of a utility, water, or wastewater Commissioner doesn't pay a salary, so many wonder why anyone would want to do it. Unfortunately, there are those that do it for the right reasons, and those that do it to simply line their pockets via grifting.

Fiduciary Abuse

The former Commissioner in this election actually made more money from his position than either of the other two commissioners; in fact, his compensation is double that of the Board President. Commissioners get paid per meeting, regardless of where that meeting is or what public entity it is. There are 24 District meetings held each year, plus a Special Meeting here and there (Commissioners never make every meeting)

When I see one Commissioner attending 84 & 92 meetings a year, that's abuse (meaning that in 2 years he attended about 121 non-district meetings). Ric Anderson was the most expensive Commissioner we had, purely because he attended any and every public meeting he could find. Pamela Martin is only a little better at 53 & 81, and Mr. Kunkle is only one that isn't abusing the system at all, with 29 & 27 meetings in all (likely all at the Districts boardroom)

Total compensation for Commissioner Martin for 2017 & 2018 was $42,375. Total compensation for Commissioner Kunkle for 2017 & 2018 was $30,744. Total compensation for Candidate/Commissioner Ric Anderson for 2017 & 2018 was $51,266. 

Each meeting attended compensates each Commissioner $128.00 (recently raised from $114.00). To get this additional compensation for attending outside non-district meetings you need only show-up at the meeting and sign the attendance sheet; you need not particiapate in the meeting and it doesn't matter how long you stay. I know of commissioners that attend these meetings for 15 mnutes and leave, often attending more than one such meeting per night; this to me is grifting.