Equal Employment Opportunity
Fiscal Responsibility

The responsible management of the district's revenue is extremely important to me and avoiding anything that could appear as "waste, fraud, and abuse". On April 03, 2019 the board held a Special Meeting to approve a ten million dollar spending package, and some of  it I find questionable. 

When I see a public utility constantly raising our rates, and spending $50,000 on carpet, $35,000 on one lift-stations landscaping, almost a million on vehicles, $165,000 on studies, and endless money on Retreats, meetings, and conferences for our commissioners, I don't like it. Take a minute to read through it. Also read about our new Utility Tax!

Seattle Business Owner

Along with my wife, we own and operate Seven Stars Pepper, a successful Sichuan restaurant located at 1207 S. Jackson St. in Seattle's International District. Our restaurant is well respected in the Seattle business community.

Equal Employment Opportunities are the bedrock of our country, they ensure that all Americans have a fair and equal chance to apply for and be unbiasedly considered for any job they are qualified for.

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