Experience in the Field

20 Years Happily Married

Willing to go the Extra Mile

My unique experience in the water and wastewater industry has taken me from the treatment plants of Washington State to the warzones of Afghanistan and Iraq. I have operated a dozen treatment plants and supervised crews of up to 50 men. I have decades of experience in quality assurance/quality control, reporting, and laboratory testing; adhering to the strict quidliness set forth by the Department of Defense,  Base Commanders, Project Managers, CENTCOM, and MEDCOM. 

Over the years I have seen a great deal of government waste and excessive spending, with little or nothing I could do to prevent it. I see the same here at our own little utility district, and with your vote I will do all I can to prevent it from continuing unbridled. Being just one vote on a three person board, I would still be limited; but I can put my objections on the record for the public to see and perhaps in doing so I can slowly change this unethical system.

I humbly ask for your vote and support on August 1st 2019 in the Primary election and again on November 5th 2019. Together I believe we can stop the wastefull spending and skyrocketing rate-hikes before we're all paying $200 a month for basic water services. 

Thank you,

Mike Creel

Candidate for Pos. 2

Coal Creek Utility District