An employees Facebook page Linked Directly to the Districts Website

Last year in April I visited the official website for Coal Creek Utility District, and while on the site I noticed a link and an offer to visit various facebook pages of the districts employees. These images came directly from those pages, pages the district itself recommended I visit. 

Now I don't personally know any employees of the district, or any of the Commissioners. I don't know their views on such things, and I don't claim to. However, the buck stops with the Board, and this was directly part of the very website the ratepayers pay for. It was at the very least an absurd oversight on their part, and reflects a disregard for public opinion on such things. 

When I look at these images, and the fact that I can confirm that of 17 fulltime employees currently at the district, 15 are caucasian and possibly 16; I get the picture. If there is a single African American employee at this district, I would love for him/her to contact me. Recently, when I asked for a print-out of the racial diversity of the district in a records request, they claimed that they did not have such information; as if they never noticed it's pretty much all white.

I was recently informed that after I requested this information the district hired a part-time employee to work the front desk, and she happens to be of Asian descent. I'm happy for her, and in no way inferring she was hired because of her race.